Our Story

“Just ask around.” It’s the most powerful pitch anyone can make in business. If you’re new to DealFlow, just ask around. Over 20,000 people have participated in our events so chances are pretty good that you’ll know someone who knows us.

In 2003, the DealFlow team began providing independent research for finance professionals. We’ve been the publisher of popular newsletters, investment databases, and research reports. As history has proven, we’ve been first to uncover and analyze many important investment and healthcare trends, pairing our information products with highly-regarded events.

Today we’re focused on bringing these events to professionals seeking exclusive networking, education and business development opportunities.

In addition to producing our own branded events, we work with other companies interested in leveraging our expertise to help execute their events too. This commitment to serving clients has remained our #1 priority. So, if you’re thinking about attending or sponsoring a DealFlow event, or if you’d like to explore how we can help you plan an event of your own, just give us a call.